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House of Alder: Ruin Mist, Great Kingdom
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Ruin Mist Journals are here!
The guardians of the kingdoms stare out at the viewer from the cover of this handsome hardcover journal. Anyone, old or young, is sure to be inspired by this high quality journal. This sturdy journal has 200 lined pages, a quality cover and a size perfect for recording thoughts and dreams. It's perfect for Ruin Mist fans and anyone else who wants to keep a journal. The coolest part is that the guardian icon is on every journal page.

Robert Stanek Book News

In this column I'll include any breaking news on Robert Stanek, including upcoming books, talk show appearances, movies, and so on.

Sovereign Rule
Posted October 2002

The Robert Stanek Newsletter spilled the beans on the new book! Here's what I found out:
Robert Stanek's adventure thriller, Sovereign Rule, officially goes on sales January, 2003. Early interest in film/tv rights suggests there might be a movie. So what's the inside scoop and why's there so much interest?

It's the story, according to Thomas Green, Reagent Press Associate Publisher. "Two years ago when I started working with Robert, he  mentioned he was writing an adventure thriller. I was immediately interested. What he has achieved can best be thought of as The Bourne Identity meets A Sum of All Fears. It's got everything the motion pictures based on those books have and more, much more."

Between fear and freedom lies the shadowed reality through which Scott Evers must go. If he lets them know that he's afraid for, and therefore cares about, those around him, the powerbrokers will take them away one by one until Scott's the only one left between us and those that want to control us.

Scott's desperate to keep his wife and unborn child alive but as Scott's about to find out, the rules of the game have changed and those that control the rules control the game. The weak and rash take power using bombs and terror; the strong and resolute by sovereign rule. Only one man is in a position to take back control, but can Scott Evers unravel the secrets and lies before it's too late?

Sovereign Rule: A tautly told and suspenseful thriller from bestselling author Robert Stanek. Packed with twists and turns, this is Stanek at his best.

"Robert Stanek won acclaim for his action packed stories, believable dialogue, and well-developed characters. Now Stanek delivers the suspense thriller of his career in Sovereign Rule."

"A breakthrough novel from a hell of a storyteller."

"An absorbing, tightly plotted suspense thriller that doesn't disappoint."

"Focused, fast-moving and finely crafted."

"Fresh, fast-paced and full of genuine surprises. Stanek keeps the pages flying. His characters are compelling and likeable."

"Entertaining, a down-to-the wire climax that'll keep you guessing about everyone and everything."

Contributed by YKW even though my moms probably never let me read this one.


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